Trailer released for Oasis documentary Supersonic

Credit: Supersonic

The first look at Oasis documentary Supersonic has been released.

Due out in cinemas next month, the film is from director Mat Whitecross and Amy documentary producers Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees.

It charts the Manchester brothers' rise from council estate to one of the world's biggest bands in the space of just three years.

Supersonic features interviews with Liam and Noel Gallagher as well as their mum, and the trailer includes footage of them in concert and news reports about their bad behaviour during the 90s.

Eagle-eyed viewers can also spot some of the most famous stars of 90s pop culture appearing at Oasis gigs at the time, including a fresh-faced Kate Moss and The Prodigy's Keith Flint.

The Gallaghers can be heard telling filmmakers: "It was just a great time to be alive."

They add: "It was f***ing biblical, man. I'd do it all again."

At the end of the trailer, they say of their success: "I just think in the times in which we live, it would be unrepeatable."