Couple from Lymm celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

John and June Hague have been married for 70 years Credit: Hague family photo

A couple from Lymm are today celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.

John and June Hague, who have live in Lymm for 49 years, say the secret to their long marriage is tolerance and laughter after getting married in 1946.

John, 97, and June, 88, who have two sons, and nine great-grandchildren have spent the afternoon having lunch with their family but will be celebrating properly on Saturday.

More than 30 family members will gather to commemorate the couple's anniversary at the Pickering Arms in Thelwall so that June can sing on the karaoke.

June said:

Our marriage has always been based on tolerance and laughter, we have the love of our family, we gave a lot of love when the children were young, we are now enjoying that coming back to us in spades, we are very blessed to have a wonderful family around us, we laugh every day, usually at ourselves. We get up in the morning, we get through the day the best we can if it's a bad one, and enjoy the day if it's a good one.

June Hague