"I'm an Olympic medallist...eight years late': Manchester athlete celebrates belated bronze

Andrew Steele Credit: Andrew Steele

What does it feel like to get an Olympic medal after an eight-year delay?

Recently retired Team GB relay runner Andrew Steele from Manchester, who finished fourth in the 2008 4x400m final in Beijing, found out on Tuesday after being upgraded to third place.

Steele and teammates Robert Tobin, Michael Bingham and Martyn Rooney are now belatedly celebrating their third-placed finish after their Russian rivals retrospectively failed drug tests.

Taking to Twitter, Steele, who only ever competed at one Olympic Games, documented his poignant reaction.

He then sent out congratulations to his teammates, before changing his Twitter bio to read "Olympic medalist, with an 8 year delay".

Steele then tweeted a picture of himself standing on a rock saluting the "crowd", with the hashtag #medalistetiquette.

He wrote: "It's important to thank and acknowledge the fans when standing on the medal podium."

Taking on a more serious tone, Steele described the feeling of "what if" at the news of his posthumous result.

He admitted winning a bronze medal at the time could have "changed a lot" for his career.

However, Steele was quick to look on the bright side.