Adidas Manchester on sale on eBay for up to £1,000

Credit: MEN Syndication

The limited edition Adidas Manchester trainers don't come up for sale all that often. But when they do, they aren't cheap.

They can be yours for £1K.

Now, a few of pairs of Adidas Manchester 2010 edition are trickling back onto the market, and they come with some impressive price tags.

One enterprising Ebayer has listed their 'ultra rare' trainers for a staggering £999.99 on the online auction site. The size 9 trainers are said to be brand new, in the box, and real collectors pieces.

The hefty 'buy it now' price tag has attracted five watchers so far, with three people viewing the listing per hour.

The trainers are going for a staggering £999.99 Credit: MEN Syndication

Another user has listed the same pair of Adidas Manchester 2010 trainers - this time in a 'used' condition - for £399.99.

According to the listing, the trainers have 'wear to the heel tips on both shoes,' and 'sock marks to the inners.' Nice.

The limited edition shoe has a light blue suede and fabric upper with orange/red stripes and trim. And if you're thinking about investing in a pair, it's worth remembering that the trainers should come with two pairs of laces, one blue and one orange/red pair.

The trainers first caught attention in the 1970s and since then the enduring classic has been re-released time and time again.

Fans of the trainer can also invest in a Stretford edition. Only 1,200 pairs were made globally last year, and were priced at £85. Now, they're selling on Ebay for upwards of £200.

It's a classic shoe and a good investment - just don't wear them out. Ever.