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GMP Federation chairman challenges Danczuk to "put up or shut up"

Simon Danczuk MP and GMP Federation Chairman Ian Hanson have clashed over GMP's work to tackle historic allegations of sexual abuse. Photo: PA/Facebook

The chairman of the Greater Manchester Police Federation has called for the Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk to "put up or shut up".

In a Facebook post, Ian Hanson said a statement released by Mr Danczuk on Thursday was "totally lacking in detail or substance".

He continues to criticise GMP for its work on historical sexual abuse allegations.

I do not now intend to get involved in a public slanging match with Simon Danczuk over this matter.

Instead I will publicly call him out to deliver the firm evidence that he bases his criticism of GMP on to my office by 12 noon on Monday - and I will personally deliver it to the IPCC.

If as, I know, there is no firm evidence, then he should back out of this with what little credibility he has got left in tact. His behaviour is not helping the victims of this terrible abuse.

The people of Rochdale expect better.

– Ian Hanson, Chairman, GMP Federation

Meanwhile, Mr Danczuk has challenged Mr Hanson to a debate on the issue.

The Rochdale MP says Hanson was deliberately engineering a war of words to divert attention away from real police failings around tackling sexual abuse in his constituency.

Ian Hanson has a track record of making ill informed attacks on politicians and as usual he generates more heat than light.

He likes to attack people from behind a press release or on social media, but I say let's have a debate on the substance of the issues face to face. He's got a lot of nerve claiming the people of Rochdale expect better from an MP questioning their judgement.

– Simon Danczuk MP, Labour, Rochdale

Mr Danczuk says it would be in the public interest for a debate to take place to discuss issues around the case.