Children are twice as likely to be poor than pensioners -says new report

What future lies ahead for children who live in poverty? Credit: PA

Almost half of children are living in poverty in some parts of the UK, according to a new study.

The End Child Poverty coalition said the problem was worst in large cities, like Manchester.

The coalition of charities, faith groups and unions warned that low income families will find it increasingly difficult to pay for basic essentials in the coming years as prices rise while benefits are frozen.

There are more than three and a half million children living in poverty, ranging from one in 10 in some areas to 47% in others, said the report.

The End Child Poverty coalition says there are more than 3 and a half million children living in poverty in the UK, and the new figures reveal that 27% in the North West are living in poverty.

According to the report these are the worst areas for numbers of children living in poverty

  • Manchester 40%

  • Blackpool 35%

  • Liverpool 33%.

  • Greater Manchester overall: one in three children live in poverty.