Donald Trump could be related to an Isle of Man Viking king

Trump is proud of his Scottish ancestry on his mother's side Credit: ITV

It's claimed Donald Trump could be related to an ancient Viking king of the Isle of Man.

Trump's mother, Mary Anne MacLeod was from the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides.

It was once part of the Norse kingdom ruled by the Isle of Man's Olaf the Black, who's son Leod is thought to have started the MacLeod clan.

Olaf defeated his older and illegitimate half-brother Reginald at the Battle of Tynwald Hill on the Isle of Man, as he believed the Isle of Lewis which had been given to him was worthless.

If Trump were to claim ancestry, he would not find any evidence on the Isle of Man, but could try to find information in Scotland or Norway.

The Isle of Man was the seat of power for the Kings of Mann, who ruled the inner and outer Hebrides until 1266, when Magnus VI of Norway gave them to Scotland.

The island's government, formed around 800AD by Vikings, is the oldest continuous parliament in the world.

Historian Dr Mike Hoy explains how Trump would have to go about finding out if he is related: