Viola Beach inquests begin in Warrington

By ITV Granada correspondent Rob Smith

The inquests into the car crash deaths of Warrington band Viola Beach and their manager has started.

Kris Leonard, Jack Dakin, Tomas Lowe, River Reeves and Craig Tarry were in a car that plunged off a bridge near Stockholm on 13 February.

The coroner says Swedish authorities have "co-operated" with the inquests. He notes that's unusual, compared to some "foreign jurisdictions."

A coroner's officer is reading out profiles of the band members. She begins with Jack Dakin. He was the drummer and a "keen rugby player."

Kris Leonard is the next band member to be profiled. He was the lead singer, and a "founding member" of Viola Beach alongside Jack.

The officer now speaks of Craig Tarry, the band's manager. He'd been in the music industry for "about 6 years." He often worked in the USA.

Tomas Lowe's Mum, Ruth, tells the coroner her son had "innate ability" to learn instruments. He taught himself drums and then bass guitar.

Ruth Lowe says Viola Beach, and their manager, "looked out for each other." They had a "hectic" schedule playing a Swedish festival.

River Reeves' Dad, Ben Dunne, is now giving evidence. He says his son was "doing something he loved... with people he loved being with."

Viola Beach's agent, Graham Bennett, now gives evidence. He says he saw manager Craig Tarry driving the car as they left the Swedish gig.