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Lufthansa emergency slide accidentally deployed at Manchester Airport

A Lufthansa flight crew were the talk of the tarmac at Manchester Airport after an emergency slide was accidentally deployed.

The Airbus A380 had flown in from Houston for a crew change before its onward journey to Frankfurt.

No passengers or cabin crew were on board when it touched down at the hub on Tuesday morning and it’s not yet known how the inflatable evacuation slide - usually only activated in an emergency landing - was released.

But it could have been a costly mistake, with the flight delayed by four hours as a result while the slide was removed.

The Airbus A380 with the slide deployed at Manchester Airport Credit: Manchester Evening News

"An Airbus A380 (registration D-AIMI) was on a ferry flight from Houston to Frankfurt, with a planned landing at Manchester Airport.

After the landing, Tuesday morning, while opening one of the doors, the emergency slide was accidentally triggered and released.

The slide has been removed and the aircraft continued its flight to Frankfurt."

– Statement from Lufthansa