Dad says toy helicopter 'fell out of sky and hit son'

Thankfully Benjamin was not seriously hurt Credit: MEN Syndication

A father has told of the moment a toy helicopter fell out of the sky and hit his five-year-old son in the face.

Paul Hulse had bought the battery operated helicopter from B&M in Sale for £29.99, as a Christmas present for his 13-year-old cousin.

The family went out into the garden to try it out on Christmas morning, but after about two minutes of his cousin flying the toy Mr Hulse says it fell out of the sky and fell onto his son Benjamin.

The youngster was crying and screaming in pain, after being hit by its propellers.

Thankfully Benjamin was not seriously hurt, only receiving minor scratches to his face.

B&M say it is an isolated incident, and that they have sold more than 130,000 toy helicopters in the past without receiving complaints.

The toy helicopter, which is labelled as being suitable for children over the age of 14, is now on sale at a reduced price in B&M stores, a spokesman confirmed.

Mr Hulse, from Sale, is now demanding compensation from the retailer, and wants to highlight possible safety problems with other helicopters.He said:

Mr Hulse has since complained to the company, and says he was offered a £30 voucher.

He has refused this and claims that the company has been ‘dismissive’ of his complaint.

In emails between Mr Hulse and B&M, the firm says it is cannot take any further action because Mr Hulse is ‘unwilling’ to send the toy to the company for further tests.

Mr Hulse says he wants to retain the toy to ‘keep hold of the product for my evidence going forward’.

A B&M spokesperson said: