'World's most hi-tech dress' unveiled in Greater Manchester

Credit: ITV News

What's being hailed as the world’s most hi-tech dress has been unveiled at the Trafford Centre.

It's made with the Nobel Prize winning material Graphene, which was invented in Manchester.

It's thought to be the first time Graphene, the thinnest, strongest and most conductive material in the world, has been used in fashion.

The dress is a partnership involving wearable tech pioneers Cute Circuit and the Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester.

“This is a fantastic project, grapheneis still very much in its infancy for real world applications and showcasing its amazing properties through the forum of fashion is very exciting.

Dr Paul Wiper, Research Associate, National Graphene Institute

The dress is described as having 'futuristic features including a graphene sensor which tracks the models breathing, adapting its LED lighting to breathing patterns, and utilising its translucent graphene circuitry.'

Cute Circuit have previously created futuristic tech dresses for Katy Perry and Nicole Scherzinger.