Tameside Hospital makes 'considerable progress'

The trust has 538 beds and 2,245 staff. Credit: PA

Tameside Hospital, which was rated "inadequate" by the health watchdog has been awarded an overall "good rating"

The Trust was placed into special measures following an inspection in 2013.

In three years the Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust has made 'considerable progress' although there is still room for improvement.

Praise for programme to help pregnant women with alcohol issues Credit: PA

Outstanding areas:

  • A programme to support pregnant women with alcohol problems.

  • The radiology department offered a virtual post mortem service where a CT scan could determine a person’s cause of death. These scans were carried out at night and sped up the process.

  • For end of life care there was direct access to electronic information held by community services, including GPs, which meant hospital staff could access up to date patient information eg current medicines.

Big improvements in:

  • safety,

  • training,

  • staff shortages and

  • urgent and emergency care

Areas with room for improvement:

  • Need enough nursing staff to meet the needs of patients.

  • Fridges for medication must be kept at the required temperature.

  • At least one nurse needed on duty on the children’s ward who is trained and up to date in Advanced Paediatric Life Support on each shift.

It should be acknowledged how far they have come in three years. in April 2015 we found improvements but were still concerned about the safety, effectiveness and responsiveness of some services. It is clear the trust has worked hard to address the issues we raised, This time we saw a trust with a much improved approach to safety, training, staff shortages and mortality rates. We saw big improvements in urgent and emergency care. The department’s handling of a major incident which occurred during our inspection was very impressive and ensured patients were treated in the safest and most appropriate way possible. >

The Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Sir Mike Richards
Much improved safety, training and mortality rates Credit: PA

Three years ago when I joined the Trust I promised local people, patients and staff that together we would improve the services at the organisation. Today we can look back at our journey so far and appreciate that we have come a long way. I am immensely proud of my staff and the contribution they have made to improve services for local people. As I have said many times previously, our journey will never be complete. We will continue to improve the quality of services at the organisation. The latest inspection by the CQC puts the trust in an excellent position as we enter 2017 and look to progress our plans to improve the health and wellbeing of our local community.”

Chief executive Karen James

I am delighted that the people of Tameside and Glossop now have a local health provider to be proud of again. We now look forward to how we can improve upon this excellent platform and genuinely enhance the lives of local people through an integrated health and social care system >

Steven Pleasant, Chief Executive of Tameside Council and the Accountable Officerfor NHS Tameside & Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group