People are dying as a result of benefits system failings

Charities are calling for an end to medical assessments which tribunals show are leading to the wrong decisions. Credit: Granada Reports

All this week we have been highlighting serious issues with the benefits system leaving those in genuine need desperate for help.

There have been calls from charities and organisations for a halt to the government's cuts and a complete overhaul of the controversial medical assessments, which tribunals show still get too many decisions wrong.

This has come too late for people like Jim Wright from Bury, who had serious mental health issues and didn't know where to turn after his benefits were cut.

He killed himself waiting to appeal that decision. In the third of our special reports, Elaine Willcox talks to the people forced to go to court to have thousands of benefit cuts overturned.

  • Disability campaigner and Coronation Street actress Cherylee Houston told Granada Reports about her experiences:

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