Trojan Horse claim at Oldham school has 'no basis' - council

Clarksfield Primary School Credit: ITV News.

Claims of a 'Trojan Horse' Islamic take over of a primary school in Oldham have 'no basis', the local council says.

Clarksfield Primary School has been caught up in allegations of an ‘Islamic plot’ to take over the school, as well as claims of threats made towards the headteacher.

The school has made no comment about the allegations, first made in the Sunday Times.

Oldham Council says there was 'no basis to the Trojan Horse claims'.

Clarksfield Primary School Credit: ITV News.

Reports said Trish O’Donnell, who has been head of Clarksfield Primary since 2006, raised concerns for her personal safety with Oldham Council in December.

She allegedly said she had been forced to work from home after being subjected to ‘death threats’, aggressive verbal abuse and even a physical attack.

The headteacher also reported threats to blow up her car, according to a report by Oldham council, and believed her position was untenable and a ‘Trojan Horse’ agenda was underway.

A ‘major’ fall out between Ms O’Donnell and a new chair of Governors is also understood to have added to tensions at the school, the Manchester Evening News reported.

A GMP spokesperson said: “GMP has received information obtained by partners regarding a school in Oldham. We have passed on information to the relevant authorities which are looking into the matter.”