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Liverpool Mayor: New candidate from Women's party

Tabitha, centre - behind girl Photo: Tabitha Morton

The Women’s Equality Party today unveiled Tabitha Morton as its candidate for Mayor of the Liverpool City Region - the only woman in the contest - and pledged to shake up a mayoral race that has so far not spoken to the women of Merseyside.

Tabistha, 40, from Allerton.

None of the other candidates in the running have focused on gender equality. I want to make sure that women’s interests are represented by putting equality on the agenda for Merseyside.

Sexism in this city is alive and well: I had to try twice as hard as my male colleagues in order to achieve the same recognition. Nearly 370,000 people are employed in the production industries in the North West - a higher proportion than any other region in the UK - and this growing sector is dominated by men, helping to contribute to Liverpool’s gender pay gap. I want to make things fair in Merseyside and I will be putting forward practical policies to represent the needs and interests of everyone.

– Tabitha Morton

Leader of the Women’s Equality Party Sophie Walker said she was delighted to introduce Morton to members and supporters at the launch event.

There is an idea that politics happens in Westminster, but politics happens right here in your communities and on your doorstep. Women in the north right now are overlooked, underrepresented and disproportionately hurt by public sector cuts. And when the poorest households suffer the most it’s those that are doubly or trebly disadvantaged because of their race, their ethnicity, their disability, that pay the highest price.

It is vital that the all the people in our communities, whose lives will be moulded by these decisions and these deals, have their say. Local government as well as national government must have gender equality and diversity at its heart. It’s time to raise the bar - so I am thrilled to introduce Tabitha Morton as our candidate today.

– Sophie Walker

Tabitha Morton added:

I have always voted for the party that I thought cared about my city, my friends and family and their futures. Today I stand as representative for a party that I know for certain has my interests, and the interests of all women in Merseyside, at the centre of everything it does. We are all equal at the ballot box. Let’s make every vote count on 4 May.

– Tabitha Morton