Osborne claims "overwhelming support' from Tatton Tories

George Osborne Credit: Press Association.

George Osborne has claimed he has "overwhelming support" from his local Conservative Party in Cheshire, despite being appointed editor of London's Evening Standard.

The former chancellor's new job has proved controversial after he said he intends to combine the newspaper role with that of representing his constituents in Tatton, 190 miles from the capital, in Parliament.

But following an annual general meeting of the Tatton Conservatives, Mr Osborne said: "We had a great annual meeting.

"I'm so grateful for the overwhelming support I got from Tatton Conservatives tonight. It's a huge honour to be the local MP here."

Patti Goddard, president of the Tatton Conservative Association and chairman of the AGM, described Mr Osborne as "our star".

"We've just had our annual meeting of the Tatton Conservatives," she said.

"It was incredibly positive.

"There was unanimous support among the members for our local MP, George Osborne.

"He's always been able to work hard as a local MP as well as being a big figure on the national stage - whether as Chancellor or an editor.

"We've got complete confidence in his ability to do so in the future."