EXCLUSIVE: Unseen CCTV images show moment of New Ferry explosion

The moment an explosion rocked New Ferry was caught on CCTV at a pub Credit: ITV News

Granada Reports has obtained exclusive pictures of the moment a gas explosion rocked New Ferry on the Wirral.

CCTV footage filmed on the night of the explosion at the Cleveland Arms pub, shows people cowering as the blast smashes windows and doors.

Cameras positioned outside also captured the huge explosion.

People left homeless after the blast have been told they may never find out how and why it happened. An investigation is continuing into the blast in March which injured more than 30 people.

The explosion levelled an entire block of businesses, damaging other shops and homes. Police say they still have an open mind about the incident but have warned many questions could remain unanswered. Our Merseyside Correspondent Andy Bonner has this exclusive report, which you can watch below.