A mother-of-two who was seriously injured in the Manchester Arena attack faces 12 months of surgery and treatment for her horrific injuries.

Joanne McSorley, a 43-year-old from Runcorn, was waiting in the foyer to collect her children when the deadly blast happened.

She suffered shrapnel injuries all over her body, the force of which broke both her arms and a leg.

The teaching assistant now faces a long, hard road back to recovery.

Her sister-in-law, Louise McSorley, said the trip to Manchester was supposed to be a treat for Joanne’s daughters, Ellie, 16, and Libby, 11.

Joanne McSorley was heavily injured in the blast Credit: Manchester Evening News

The concert tickets were a Christmas present - both of them are big Ariana Grande fans and had been looking forward to it for months and months.

Louise McSorley, Joanne's sister-in-law
Joanne (right) was injured heavily in the blast Credit: Manchester Evening News

Joanne suffered a host of serious injuries and her family have been warned that her life will be dominated by surgery and treatment for many months.

Both her arms were broken by the force of the shrapnel which entered her body, shattering her bones.

Her left arm took the majority of the impact, devastating the elbow joint.She will also require extensive surgery on her left leg to reconstruct her knee and support her broken tibia.

Surgeons have informed the family that plastic surgery will be needed to repair skin and soft tissue around the most serious wounds.

She remained conscious throughout the whole harrowing event, lying in the foyer in agony until 2.30am.

Louise said that she has recounted some of her memories of that terrible night from her hospital bed.

Meanwhile, Joanne's mother-in-law, Sue, 63, was designated walking wounded and separated from Joanne, knowing full well she was lying in the foyer with serious injuries.

Sue suffered deep shrapnel injuries to her hand and required surgery but escaped without being seriously hurt.

She was able to make phone contact with the two girls about 15 minutes after the blast thanks to kind hotel staff who had given them a phone charger.

Their dad and granddad were able to work their way through the carnage and find them.