1. ITV Report

Hutchinson wins IoM TT Quantum Superstock race

Ian Hutchinson (middle) pictured with Peter Hickman (left) and Dan Kneen. Photo: Helen McKenna, ITV

Ian Hutchinson has earned his 16th Isle of Man TT win finishing first in the Quantum Superstock race.

He came in at 131mph, with Peter Hickman coming second and Manxman Dan Kneen in third.

There was a fierce battle between Hickman, Kneen and Michael Dunlop behind Hutchinson, but he raced through to the Grandstand securing his win.

It's Dan's first time on the podium, and a positive welcome back after missing out on last year's TT due to injury.

Hutchinson is now the third most successful solo TT rider.

Hutchinson, Hickman and Manxman Kneen celebrate their wins. Credit: Helen McKenna, ITV