Election latest: Keep up-to-date with counts in region

Manchester Central Credit: Michael Worral

The prediction of a hung parliament in the General Election exit poll comes after a campaign which has seen wild variations in the fortunes of the parties, according to pollsters.

The exit poll indicated the Tories would secure 314 seats, Labour 266, the SNP 34 and the Lib Dems 14.

It represents a remarkable turnaround in Labour and Jeremy Corbyn's fortunes and a spectacular decline in the popularity of Theresa May's Conservatives since the Prime Minister's decision to call the snap election.

On April 19, the day after Theresa May called the election, the Conservatives' poll lead over Labour averaged 17 points.

By the final day of the campaign, the lead was averaging seven points.

Granada Reports have reporters throughout the region.

  • Our political correspondent Dan Hewitt is in Manchester

  • Ashley Derricott is in Tatton

  • Jessica Tidswell is in Stockport

  • Elaine Willcox is in Bolton West

  • Andy Bonner is in Birkenhead

  • Ian Barber is in Bury North and South

  • Adam McClean is in Chester

  • Rob Jaskowski is in Barrow