Revolutionary transport system aims for Liverpool to Manchester in six minutes

The Northern Arc route map. Credit: Ryder Architecture

A high speed transportation system which aims to whisk passengers at speeds of up to 750mph has shortlisted a proposed route from the North West to Scotland in just 47 minutes.

Hyperloop One would see pods of 28 people travel through frictionless tubes at fantastic speeds.

One of the US-firm's nine shortlisted locations is the Northern Arc, which aims to connect Liverpool and Manchester - in six minutes - with Leeds six minutes later, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow, after 47 minutes.

The bid's been promoted in the UK by design firm Ryder Architecture, engineering giant Arup with support from KPMG.

“Northern Arc is more than a Hyperloop route – it is the economic region that the northern powerhouse should be and we’re excited to be involved in this pioneering opportunity.”

Paul Bell, partner at Ryder Architecture

Hyperloop One is the brain child of US entrepreneur Elon Musk. It's already conducted seconds-long tests at a facility in the desert near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Under the current design, electromagnetic propulsion technology would levitate the pods on a small cushion of air in the fully autonomous, electric-powered system.

Recently Hyperloop One announced it raised had £55m in funding from investors including France's state-owned railway company, SNCF.

Friction-less tubes help the models hit ultra-high speeds. Credit: Reuters