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Mark Cavendish demands end to 'vile and threatening' online trolls

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Cyclist Mark Cavendish has posted a video via Twitter demanding online trolls to stop posting abusive comments.

It follows his collision with Peter Sagan at the Tour de France on Tuesday, in which his hand was injured after hitting the barriers.

Trolls have targeted the star and his family after the incident, which race officials concluded was his fault.

Cavendish, from the Isle of Man, said: "Everybody is entitled to their opinions.

“But please note it is a sport.

"Vile and threatening comments on social media to myself and my family isn’t deserved.

"I’d ask you all to respect that and please not send threatening or abusive language to myself and my family.”

His wife, Peta, late posted an example of some of the comments they have received, including one which made reference to their children.