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Sirens on as mum-to-be driven to hospital

Constables Lee Watkinson and Stuart Lupton saved the day by rushing Charlotte Finney to hospital in time to deliver little Odin. Photo: MEN Media

Two hero police officers have been praised for rushing a heavily-pregnant mum-to-be to hospital – just in the nick of time.

Constables Lee Watkinson and Stuart Lupton were flagged down by Charlotte Finney’s partner Aaron Grayson on Princess Parkway in Manchester, after Charlotte realised her baby couldn’t wait to say hello. The officers wasted no time in ushering Aaron, 27, and Charlotte, 24, into their police-liveried BMW X5.

With blue lights activated and sirens wailing, they were rushed to Saint Mary’s Hospital – where beautiful little Odin Blue Grayson was born just 20 minutes later.

“I can’t express how thankful I am for the police’s response.

“I would never have made it without the help of PCs Watkinson and Lupton.

“The police very often get criticised but I can’t thank them enough.

“We jumped on the M56 motorway then just got onto the Parkway when Charlotte said she was not going to make it and needed to push.

“I saw a police car and just had to flag it down.

“They were holding Charlotte’s hand and making sure she was fine.

“They got us to the hospital as soon as they could and Odin was born.

“It was a big deal for us and we just want to thank them both.”

– Aaron Grayson

Odin – named because of his parents’ love of Nordic names and history – is now happy and healthy back at home in Timperley and the proud parents invited both PC Watkinson and Lupton over to say a personal thank-you. Dad Aaron said Charlotte’s waters broke suddenly and they found themselves in a ‘unique situation’ at the side of the road.

Aaron revealed the quick-thinking officers even helped him to carry Charlotte’s bags into hospital.

Police tweet about baby Odin. Credit: MEN Media

“I was on mobile patrol when I was flagged down by a member of the public. He informed me that his wife was in labour and it was imminent. Not wanting to deliver a baby on the Princess Parkway, I put them both in the police car and blue-lighted to Saint Mary’s Hospital.

“It was the least I could do. I would like to think that any member of the emergency services would do the same.

“The police sometimes get a lot of bad publicity, especially traffic cops as we dish out fines and prosecute for numerous driving offences, hitting people in the pocket.

“Most people think all we do is give out tickets when actually its about saving lives.

“On this occasion it shows a different side to what police officers do on a daily basis.

“We are here to help when needed.”

– PC Watkinson