IoM teachers 'worse off' than rest of UK according to survey

The Department of Education and Children headquarters on Peel Road, Douglas. Credit: Helen McKenna, ITV

A teacher's union has claimed school teachers working on the Isle of Man are the "worst off in the UK."

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) published the survey findings, completed by 112 teachers.

It showed 62% admitted they were "seriously considering leaving teaching altogether".

NASWUT also claim that Manx teachers have been the hardest hit by cuts - over half said they were unhappy with their salary.

In March, NASWUT also claimed eight out of ten of survey respondents were abused by school pupils, which the DEC refuted.

The Department of Education and Children criticised the latest findings as only 112 people had been surveyed out of 850 full-time teachers.