'Potential deathtrap' flats shut down over fire worries

A number of flats in Liverpool have been evacuated over serious fire safety concerns.

The council say the large semi-detached house on Grey Road in Walton was closed as a matter of urgency after a visit by the Landlord Licensing team. They found smoke detectors not working, problems with fire doors and a dangerous electricity meter.

The team say they discovered that the automatic fire detection providing protection to the common areas of the six flats property was defective and completely disconnected from the electrical supply. The report claims the fire detection in some individual flats was not working, further increasing the risk in the property as a large blaze could have developed in an individual flat behind closed doors without being detected.

Defects with the fire doors would have meant that there was a risk that smoke and flames may block the escape route.

'Dangerous meter'

Other problems included faulty heating, broken windows, damp and mould, as well as a poorly maintained exterior.

The landlord will be instructed to carry out remediation work.