Campaign launched for young girl from IoM awaiting heart transplant

Ella Wiseman, aged 21 months old is waiting for a new heart transplant. Credit: Sandra Ash

A 21-month-old girl from the Isle of Man is waiting for a heart transplant in Newcastle's Freeman Hospital.

Ella Wiseman has been on life support since June, after a stroke and numerous operations.

At 10 months she was taken to Nobles Hospital after antibiotics failed to work, where her parents Amy and TJ were told she had pneumonia.

Ella was flown to Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital after being diagnosed with heart failure, which was confirmed as abnormal coronary artery at Alder Hey.

Her family have set-up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for travel costs to Freeman Hospital from the island.

They would like to reunite the family in Newcastle at Christmas to celebrate Ella’s second birthday on Boxing Day.

Children's programme Mr Tumble, which has helped her to use sign language as a form of communication, would be the birthday party's theme.

Ella has been learning sign language through Mr Tumble, due to tracheotomy. Credit: Sandra Ash

Ella has spent months in hospital and throughout all this she still manages to smile. She is a fighter. A little trooper.

Sandra Ash, Ella's grandmother