Scientists at Manchester University make chemistry easy through bitesize videos

The project aims to simplify science Credit: Manchester University

Scientists based at The University of Manchester School of Chemistry have devised a series of videos to help explain complex scientific achievements.

The series called ‘CAMERA’ (Chemistry at Manchester Explains Research Advances) utilises simple diagrams and talking heads to help explain more complex chemistry ideologies and are based on papers released by the School of Chemistry over the past two years.

The papers explore a variety of societal issues from Parkinsons to Vitamin B2 and its relationship with genes.

The series is the brainchild of Professor Steve Liddle who wants to make science more accessible:

He says this is just the beginning:“The first 10 videos are just the beginning, because they are just a fraction of the exciting science that my colleagues are researching, so keep an eye out as we release more videos describing our science in the future!”