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IoM's Jurby Junk closes after 40 years

Jurby Junk has closed its doors after 40 years. Photo: Helen McKenna

An iconic junk shop on the Isle of Man is closing its doors today.

Jurby Junk, which has been run by Stella Pixton for just over 40 years, is well-known by people around the world for its unique​ accumulation of goods.

The reason for its closure is because the price of running the store reportedly costs over £30,000 a year.

Stella Pixton will focus on publishing poetry and painting after Jurby Junk closes. Credit: Helen McKenna, ITV

Stella, who's father Harold Pixton was a test pilot during WWI and the first winner of the Schneider Trophy in 1914, has been the owner of Jurby Junk since 1976.

She says she now has over 1 million books to clear from a large section of the building, with offers for an auction to be held if the area is cleared.

Stella says she will miss meeting new people who come into the shop and thanks everyone for their support over the last four decades.

Credit: Helen McKenna, ITV

A million books to clear ... how? I would love someone either to take it over or to take everything away. It's a huge problem.

– Stella Pixton, owner of Jurby Junk