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Safety of Isle of Man's Snaefell Mountain Railway questioned in Tynwald

All Snaefell Mountain Railway trams were suspended last month. Photo: YouTube

The safety of the Isle of Man's Snaefell Mountain Railway was raised in Tynwald yesterday following the suspension of the service last month.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer MHK responded to a question raised by Douglas North MHK David Ashford, stating the number of health and safety concerns reported to government over the last three years.

The highest number was 2017, with 37 incidents reported, with 25 in 2016 and 33 the year before.

In August this year a tram full of passengers failed to stop along the mountain, then rolled downhill after emergency brakes were applied.

Before this a tram with no passengers failed to stop on the Mountain Road in March, crossing past vehicles before crashing into Snaefell.

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Staff must report all incidents, however minor, so that the Department can build pictures of risk, which is the accepted good practice for a railway operation. Operation of the railway is subject to a rule book which is signed for by all new starters and existing staff at reprint. Section G3.3 of the rule book describes the procedures for reporting and it is part of the test of competence to various roles on the railway that these aspects of the rule book are fully understood. There is an annual training day for all staff where key learning points from the previous year are shared with the staff. All reports are monitored so that those which require action are appropriately dealt with.

– Ray Harmer MHK, Minister for Infrastructure