Venomous jellyfish finding on IoM sparks warning post-Storm Ophelia

The man-of-war jellyfish is a venomous species not often found on Isle of Man shores. Credit: Isle of Man Beachcombing, Facebook

Wildlife experts on the Isle of Man are warning beach walkers to be aware of dangerous sea creatures washed-up after Storm Ophelia and Brian.

The Manx Wildlife Trust have said there could be more reports of species of a deadly nature around the coast.

Isle of Man Beachcombing posted photos of a poisonous Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish, found in the south of the island.

Speaking to a local radio station, Marine officer Lara Howe said that even after the jellyfish have died they can sting, resulting in fatal results.

Winds of up to 93 mph were recorded in Port Erin and Port St Mary during Storm Ophelia last week.