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Isle of Man abortion public consultation results to be published today

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Plans to reform the abortion law on the Isle of Man are said to have been backed by people who've taken part in a public consultation.

The details will be be published in full on the Manx government website today.

87% of respondents agreed with the new abortion law reform's question about whether abortions after 14 weeks for any reason should be conducted.

70.2% think counselling should be best provided on-Island, funded by the NHS, and 1,686 people provided further comments on what social factors could affect a woman's decision to terminate pregnancy.

Dr Alex Allinson MHK drafted the Bill, who spoke to Tynwald members in January about why a new abortion act was needed.

At the moment terminating a pregnancy is currently only allowed in a limited number of circumstances.

Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform, a pro-life group,have previously said the Bill "ignores the humanity of the unborn child":

Both HEAR and Life IOM staged a silent protest outside of the Government Buildings today to take part in the Silence of '67 - to remember the passing of the UK's 1967 Abortion Act.

Protesters stood outside the Government buildings earlier today. Credit: Helen McKenna, ITV

Sue Richardson from Life IOM spoke to Granada Reports about the fact the consultation was only suitable for those who had online access: