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WATCH: Video shows woman's racist outburst on Manchester tram

The video footage shows a woman's racist outburst Photo: MEN Media

Police are investigating claims that a young woman was racially abused on a Metrolink tram.

Footage of the incident shows an older woman making racist remarks towards Tayah Aubrey Grant, who filmed the incident.

The woman in question can be heard shouting ‘do you know anyone that’s black and runs the country? I don’t think so mate’.

Tayah Aubrey Grant says she was also called a ‘black b******’ during the incident on Tuesday evening.

She said the footage is from Tuesday when she had been travelling on the Bury line between Whitefield and Piccadilly Gardens. Tayah said:

I was on the Met minding my own business, I look behind me and then get told to look forward by this random lady. “We got into an argument and she then referred to me as a ‘black b******’, so I jumped out my seat. “I questioned what was the need to bring my colour into the argument, and she continued to be rude and racist towards me.”

– Tayah Aubrey Grant
The video footage shows a woman's racist outburst Credit: MEN Media

The video, taken by Tayah, shows the woman being physically restrained by a man in the seat next to her.

One woman can be heard saying ‘that’s disgusting’, in response to some of the comments.

Tayah told the woman that she saw herself as being both black and white, because of her mixed heritage, which appeared to agitate her more.

She responded: “How can you be black and white? Make your f****** mind up, mate.”

Tayah said she was left feeling angry and upset by the incident but understands it was just one person making the comments.

She added:

I got emotional and justified my colour. I am black and I am white. I’m not just black and clearly I’m not full white either.

“If you mix colours together then make a new colour. It’s not bad or evil it’s different and it’s beautiful.”

– Tayah Aubrey Grant

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed they were investigating the allegations, and the footage has been headed to them.

They said:

A woman boarded the Metrolink at Whitefield and between there and Piccadilly Gardens she became involved in a dispute with a woman who then began shouting racist language at her. “It was reported as a hate incident, and will be investigated as one.

– Greater Manchester Police spokesman