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Civic celebrations for Sir Ken Dodd's 90th birthday

Sir Ken Dodd's celebrating his 90th birthday Credit: Press Association

The Squire of Knotty Ash has been honoured with a special civic lunch at Liverpool Town Hall on his 90th birthday.

Sir Ken Dodd – a Freeman of the City - was treated to a rendition of his famous hit Happiness by pupils from Knotty Ash Primary School, and children from Trinity Primary School who entertained him with their favourite jokes.

It was followed by a special Doddy-themed afternoon tea - including sandwiches fresh from the Jam Butty Mines and Diddy Pies!

He said making an audience laugh is "what makes life worth living".

"It's been a wonderful day so far and here I am in the town hall. Never thought I would make it, town hall Liverpool, me, Ken Dodd from Knotty Ash. By Jove.

"It's a great honour to be here today and to be greeted by the Lord Mayor and all the very important people."

Last month the veteran comedian vowed he would never retire from the stage and a career which has spanned more than seven decades and quipped he would be starring in "Brexit the musical" next year.

Asked on Wednesday how he kept his appetite for touring, he replied: "I love theatres. Theatres are only a building until there are people inside called the audience and that's what makes life worth living. To slave over a hot audience and to see people laughing, it's a wonderful way of life being a comedian."