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Extra security as Christmas markets open

Manchester's Christmas Markets will be in the city centre for the next six weeks Photo: Manchester City Council

Extra security measures are in place for the opening of Manchester's Christmas Markets. Large steel and concrete barriers have been placed around the markets for the first time and armed officers will patrol the area. Millions of people are expected to visit the markets in the city centre over the next six weeks and police say the additional measures are aimed at making them feel as safe as possible.

"This has been a difficult year for the city and we must never forget the people who have been affected. However, we have already all come together and shown our strength and determination to carry on enjoying our day to day lives. I want to encourage everyone to do the same. We are here and we're doing everything that we can to keep you safe."

– Superintendent Chris Hill, GMP
City leaders say Manchester is open for business Credit: Manchester City Council

The new barriers will be placed around Albert Square and firearms officers will patrol the markets there and at other sites across the city. Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council are also working together to install other protective security measures in key areas and have been working closely with the market managers and organisers. City leaders say the city is open for business.

"Visitors to our markets will see the precautionary measures we are taking to make sure everyone who visits the city feels safe, and that they know we have done everyone we can to make their visit enjoyable.

"We have worked closely with GMP to make sure the security in place is as robust as possible, and we look forward to welcoming the millions of visitors to our Christmas Markets over the next six weeks."

– Cllr Pat Karney, Manchester City Council