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Five-year-old girl badly burned after lit firework is thrown through kitchen window

Sayeeda was badly burned after a display firework was thrown through her kitchen window. Photo: MEN Media

A five-year-old girl was badly burned after a display firework was thrown through her kitchen window and exploded in the middle of a family dinner.

Little Sayeeda Rizwan’s mother feared she would ‘never see her children again’ as the 18-shot device went off with a series of bangs, filling the room with sparks and smoke.

The youngster suffered an agonising injury to her foot after one of the shots burned through her shoe. The attackers shattered the kitchen window with a brick before hurling the firework through it at 7.30pm on Wednesday.

Sayeeda's foot was badly burned in the attack. Credit: MEN Media

Now the child’s mother, Azmat Rizwan, 32, from Belle Vue, Manchester, and the rest of the family are offering a £5,000 reward for anyone who can reveal who the attackers are.

They are also appealing for any fireworks businesses who may have recently sold a commercial 18-shot firework to provide information to police. The family believe it was a targeted attack.

At the time of the attack Azmat’s five children, aged nine to one, were in the house, alongside her mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband, sister-in-law and her two children, aged six and seven.

The adults managed to get out of the property, but the children hid behind curtains and could not be found until Azmat’s husband, Mohammed, ran back into the house and heard their screams.

One of the firework shots struck Sayeeda Rizwan, five, on the foot and burned through her shoe.

The girl was left crying in pain on the floor as further firework blasts went off around her before she was carried outside to safety by her father Mohammed.

All of the family members managed to get outside to safety until firefighters arrived to extinguish the blaze.

Azmat rushed her daughter to A&E where she received treatment for a severe burn.

Azmat, who lives in Longsight, said:

I was screaming, I thought I lost my kids to be honest. I thought I would never see my children again.

“The fireworks were going off and I didn’t know where the kids were. You couldn’t see anything due to the smoke.

“The smoke was so thick. I thought ‘where are all my kids?’ They were screaming, hiding behind the curtains. They would’ve been gone, they could have lost their lives.

“The firework hit Sayeeda, she fell on the floor. It went through her shoe, the firework must have gone through it.

“I think they must have seen the cars outside. They knew it was a full house to target us as this time. It is disgusting.”

"I was so helpless, I couldn’t see (Sayeeda). The kids were hiding behind the curtains, screaming.

“It is such a cheap thing to have done, it is ridiculousness. My kids are not sleeping, they are deadly frightened. It is mentally torturing. We could have lost half a family today because of this.”

– Azmat Rizwan

The youngster was allowed to return home in the early hours of Thursday morning and has further appointments at the burns clinic to heal her foot. Greater Manchester Police were called to the scene and an investigation into the attack has launched.

It has been established two men were seen climbing into the back garden of the house over a 6ft fence, but no further description of them is available.

A spokeswoman for GMP said:

We were called shortly before 7.40pm last night to reports fireworks had been thrown through a window on Lockhart Close, Belle Vue.

“Police and the fire service attended. An investigation has been launched. Everybody got out of the house safely.”

– GMP spokeswoman