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WATCH: Brave Little Mix fan makes heartbreaking video about what it's like to fight cancer

Emmie Narayn-Nicholas Photo: MEN Media

An astonishingly brave schoolgirl battling leukaemia has released a heartbreaking video describing what it is like to undergo cancer treatment to help other children.

Emmie Narayn-Nicholas, of Levenshulme, was only diagnosed in September this year and has been receiving treatment at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital ever since.

The eight-year-old was due to see her favourite pop stars Little Mix at the Manchester Arena this week, but is now too sick to leave the hospital.

Her dad, Stephen Nicholas, is now campaigning to try and get the girl band to visit his daughter in hospital, as well as the other children having chemotherapy in ward 84.

Emmie decided to make a video about cancer treatment to help other youngsters who have recently been diagnosed with the disease.

In the clip, filmed with her father, Emmie describes what it is like to have chemotherapy, blood transfusions and platelet transfusions. She says: “I have a blood transfusion, I have a big bag of blood which goes through my line into my body.

“It makes me feel cold, but gives me a lot of energy so that’s good. I have platelets which helps clot my blood and heals all my bruises.”

She also jokes the chemotherapy made her lose her fingers, but then explains to viewers it actually causes cancer patients to lose their hair.

Emmie Narayn-Nicholas and her father Stephen Credit: MEN Media

Stephen, 42, published the clip on his Facebook page and it has since gone viral with more than 25,000 people watching it online.

The Manchester City Council worker and his wife, Eve Narayn-Nicholas, were planning to surprise Emmie with a trip to see Little Mix on Wednesday. But the youngster has recently had her medicine line removed due to an infection and has to stay in hospital until the wound on her chest heals.

Stephen has shared an emotional appeal on Facebook asking for help to get the girl band to visit young patients in ward 84. The appeal has been shared by thousands of social media users, with many commenting they will try to get the message to the music stars.

Stephen said:

I think for a lot of parents [with children with cancer] you can’t plan anything.

“You don’t know what is going to happen. The most annoying thing is you want to do things that are special for your children, but you are not able to because things change quite quickly.

“She was quite well at the start of the week, we were hoping she was going to be able to go out. But she had to go back into the ward. She has to spend 48 hours in hospital.

“She is a really big fan of Little Mix. She is quite a shy girl in some ways, but she loves Little Mix and singing along to their songs.

“She is quite down at the moment. She doesn’t want to be there. In her treatment programme she had been on a rest week.“She is missing her friends, she is a very sociable girl and loves being with her friends and playing and things like that.”

– Stephen Nicholas