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Manchester Arena bombing: Six months on

Six months ago a bomb was detonated at a children's concert in Manchester. Twenty two people were killed in the terror attack and hundreds more were injured physically and psychologically.

One of the survivors left disabled by Salman Abedi's bomb told Granada Reports he feels forgotten as support starts to slip away. Martin Hibbert was left paralysed following the attack, he says without the We Love Manchester charity fund he'd be struggling.

Charlotte Campbell and Adam Lawler

Meanwhile, other families are making bitter sweet plans for the future knowing things will never be the same. Charlotte Campbell lost her fifteen year old daughter Olivia in the bombing. She's getting married in a few days time, the wedding will encompass all of her daughters favourite things including Olvia's best friend Adam Lawler who will give her away on the day.

Sarah Rogers has been meet the people trying to move forward from the Manchester bombing:

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