An inventor dubbed ‘the real-life Iron Man’ blasted into Salford with his self-built jet engine power suit.

Richard Browning, 38, displayed his invention to a crowd of astonished bystanders in Media City.

Browning spent £40,000 building the jet pack, and last month he broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed in a body-controlled power suit at 32mph.

Browning said:

Every time I fly, it’s a pleasure. It’s intense, but there’s always this degree of humility. You always have to have respect for what you are doing. There is a chance I could lose an engine just as I am getting off the ground.

Richard Browning

Browning, who built the body jet pack ‘for fun’ because people told him it couldn’t be done, now runs Gravity, an aero-nautical business that has been valued at $20 million just six months after being set up.