Online advent calendar celebrates Manx Christmas

Pye Mynrey (Mince Pie) is some of the Manx language featured in the illustrations. Credit: Culture Vannin

An illustrated online advent calendar is celebrating Manx tradition in the run up to Christmas.

The images, by Mary Cousins, depict a traditional Manx Christmas using the island's language.

My day job is all about community, information and education but I’m a Manx born and bred, so it’s been a real privilege and joy to promote Manx culture in such a fun and positive way. I really hope the illustrations make people smile and introduce some Manx into some people’s Christmas.

Mary Cousins, illustrator

The images include Billey Nollick (Christmas Tree), Pye Mynrey (Mince Pie), Jishag y Nollick (Father Christmas), and Nollick Ghennal (Merry Christmas).

Everyone benefits from our celebrating and building on what makes the Isle of Man special and our language is a key part of that.

James Franklin, Online and Educational Resources Officer at Culture Vannin

Unusually for an advent calendar, the series will run until December 26th, rather than the 24th, as is tradition.

“Hunt the Wren is an essential part of the Manx Christmas calendar, so there was no way we were going to miss off St. Stephen’s Day,” said James Franklin.

As well as the Shelg yn Drean (Hunt the Wren) image, people will be able to enjoy other traditional parts of a Manx Christmas, including Ny Guilley Baney (The White Boys) and the Possan Mollag (Mollag Band).

The 26 images are being released through the Culture Vannin and Learn Manx Twitter and Instagram pages throughout December.