Could Liverpool be getting London's red routes scheme?

How the red lines in Liverpool could look Credit: ITV Granada

Three main roads into Liverpool city centre could become "red routes" under council proposals.

Consultation is set to begin on the introduction of the painted lines to speed up traffic flow.

They mean vehicles are not permitted to stop, including loading and unloading, and are generally in operation from 7am - 7pm on Monday to Saturday.

The red routes were first introduced in London in 1991 and are now also used in the West Midlands and Stoke on Trent.

A report to the city council on Friday 15th December is asking for permission to begin a feasibility study into their introduction on:

  • Kensington/Prescot Road

  • Smithdown Road

  • A59 County Road/Walton Road

Liverpool City Council says it is considering these particular routes because they are known to have congestion caused by inconsiderate and illegal parking, which creates pinch points and leads to snarl ups.

While stopping would not be permitted, Blue Badge holders and licensed taxis could still pick up and drop off.

24-hour restrictions usually apply near traffic lights and at bus stops.

Becka Peters, a barista who works on County Road, told ITV News that she thinks the plan would cause "more chaos" and raised concerns about losing customers.

However, Cllr Steve Munby, Cabinet Member for Highway and City Services, said the plan would be "good for business eventually".