SPECIAL REPORT: The children from working families falling into poverty

Daniel Hewitt has been speaking to ten-year old Michael from Morecambe. Credit: ITV Granada

Almost one in three children in the north west is estimated to be living in poverty. Two-thirds of children in poverty are growing up in households where at least one parent has a job, and that number is rising.

So why is it happening? Our political correspondent Daniel Hewitt and producer Mat Heywood have been investigating for the past couple of months - spending time with working families who are struggling to cope and getting them to share their stories.

Watch part one of their special series looking the rise of in-work poverty.

Children and Families Minister Robert Goodwill said:

“We are determined to support as many families as possible with access to high-quality, affordable childcare, which is why we are spending a record amount on childcare. We have doubled the free childcare available to working parents of 3 and 4 year-olds to 30 hours a week. The most disadvantaged two-year-olds are also entitled to 15 hours of early education per week.

“Working parents can also benefit from working tax credits or universal credit. We are introducing Tax-Free Childcare, which saves parents up to £2,000 per child per year.”

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