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Uproar from IoM residents who want images of unborn babies banned in public

Tynwald Parliament buildings in Douglas Photo: ITV

A petition has been launched on the Isle of Man to stop anti-abortion campaigners displaying images of unborn foetuses outside public buildings.

The UK-based Abort67 group, which campaigns to reverse abortion legislation across the British Isles, put the posters outside Tynwald parliament.

It comes as a new abortion reform bill is due to be presented to Tynwald members next month.

Protestors also campaigned in Strand Strand, Douglas, one of the busiest high streets yesterday but have now left the island.

Abort67 visited the Isle of Man to voice their opinion to Tynwald about a abortion reform Bill. Credit: abort67

Many residents have voiced their anger and distress via Facebook at seeing the images, most notably women.

I am FURIOUS that abort67 are going to be displaying graphic abortion photos in Strand Street !!! This is distressing and causing me to be so upset.

– Leandra Bruce-Lawler, Facebook

I'm so frustrated that for all the phone calls to the Attorney General's office and the police, absolutely nothing has been done about the images that abort67 are showing during their protest. What is the point in having these establishments in place if they do nothing until after the event?

– Lisa Kreisky, Facebook

Abort67 responded to numerous comments on their Facebook page, and even invited Dr Alex Allinson MHK to 'hold a public debate on abortion.'

Allinson has spent almost a year working on proposals, including allowing women a termination up to 14 weeks into pregnancy.

Posting on his Twitter account yesterday he said: "They have evangelical belief that abortion is always wrong and graphic images will change people's minds. They want to shock and provoke. I believe more than ever in the need for #abortionreformbill2017".

Results from a public consultation showed people largely support the Bill, with the results published on the Manx government website last month.

A final draft abortion reform Bill will be brought before the Isle of Man's House of Keys in January 2018.