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Autistic boy tells mum 'I don't deserve to live'

Jack Rogan Photo: ITV Granada

The mother of a young boy with autism is worried he may harm himself if she can't get the right support to for him. Jack Rogan from Liverpool has written notes to his family saying he doesn't deserve to be loved and to 'forget me'. Jack has told his mum he just wants to be normal like her. His mother, Kerry decided to take to Facebook to ask people to show Jack that his life is worth living - the response was overwhelming and Jack was blown away by all the letters and presents he received.

He doesn't feel he derserves to wrote a Chirstmas list because he doesn't deserve to have presents at Chirstmas.

He believes that he's a bad person.

He believes that he shouldn't be loved.

– Kerry Linnell, Jack's mother

Kerry says Jack's behaviour changed after he struggled to cope at a new school. He is currently receiving care at Alder Hey Hospital but in a medical bed rather than a mental health unit.

He's obviously on the autism spectrum and he's suffering from some severe mental issues.

And really there has been chronic underfunding for many decades which has meant that those services simply do not exist.

And if services are available they are incredibly hard to access.

– Robin Bush, Autism Together.

"The majority of adults with diagnosable mental health conditions will have developed them under the age of 18. The life chances of thousands are being blighted. We are leaving a generation in pain; they are being let down because the care is not there."

– Luciana Berger MP, Lab, Wavertree