Motorists say M62 is 'littered with potholes'

Credit: Google Maps

The saga of the long-awaited fourth lane on the M62 is set to continue after motorists found the stretch was ‘littered’ with potholes.

Highways England has confirmed it will carry out work to resurface the road during yet more overnight works.

The M62’s fourth lane on the 17-mile Smart Motorway opened last month - a day later than planned after being delayed by fog.

It followed three-and-a-half years of works to convert both the M62 past Rochdale and the M60 around Manchester into a smart motorway.

Now, both the eastbound and westbound routes of the M62 between Rochdale and Simister Island have been opened with four lanes.

But some drivers were disappointed when they tried out the revamped route.

Anthony Schofield said:

Since they opened the four lanes it’s a joke and full of potholes that they haven’t fixed.

Anthony Schofield

A spokesman for Highways England said:

We opened the extra lanes on the M62 near Rochdale just before Christmas, increasing capacity by a third for the 180,000 drivers who use the route every day.

Highways England

While works were underway, there was a 50mph average speed limit in place and lines of traffic cones, causing delays and jams.

The 50mph limit is expected to remain in place for the time being until variable speed limits are introduced, which will automatically change in response to the flow of traffic.

The road will also have electronic signs giving drivers journey time updates and details on incidents.