NHS hospital becomes first to ban sugary snacks from its canteen

Tameside Hospital in Greater Manchester brought in healthier snacks to support staff trying to lose weight. Credit: ITV News

An NHS hospital has become the first in the country to go "sugar free" in its canteen and vending machines.

Tameside Hospital in Greater Manchester has banned all sugary snacks and fizzy drinks, swapping them for healthier options.

The only drinks available are tea, coffee, milk and water.

Management say it comes after a successful weight loss scheme for its staff.

Fizzy drinks have been swapped for milk or water. Credit: ITV News

One hundred staff at the hospital started a 12-week weight lossprogramme in the summer and to support them, sugary desserts were taken off the menu for a trial period.

Now they have been removed permanently to take temptation away.

Sugar is now off the menu for hospital staff. Credit: PA

The Chair of the National Obesity Forum has welcomed the move, which hecalled “trailblazing.”