This is the moment a "magnet fishermen" caught a hand grenade in a canal - sparking a major police operation.

Andrew Wild uses a magnet on the end of the rope to search for objects along river beds- a hobby described as "deep water metal detecting".

But he got a bit more than he bargained for during his last cast of the day on Rochdale canal in Greater Manchester - a grenade:

It was the last throw of the day. I roped it in, pulled it out and when I saw what it was I was terrified. They can still be volatile. I believe they are not that bad when they’re wet, but when they dry they can go boom.

Andrew Wild

Homes and streets were evacuated and the bomb disposal unit was scrambled.

Andrew says you can pull all kinds of objects out of the canal - he's found a number of shopping trolleys and even a motorbike, but he's never found anything like this.

He said "it was a good bit of excitement and a good story to tell.”

Andrew believes the grenade is from the Second World War. Credit: MEN Media