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Hundreds join women's march on IoM despite heavy rain

Hundreds of Manx residents braved the wet weather yesterday in Douglas. Photo: Daphne Caine

Hundreds of Isle of Man residents turned out to take part in a march of solidarity for women's rights.

Campaigners for 'Women of Mann' set-off from the War Memorial on Douglas Promenade to the Sea Terminal in rainy weather.

Manx politicians were among those present, including Daphne Caine, Martyn Perkins, David Cretney and Claire Bettinson.

Garff MHKs Daphne Caine and Martyn Perkins took part in the march. Credit: Daphne Caine

During the demonstration, marchers passed a protest by pro-life group abort67.

The group were visiting the island during discussions in Tynwald about reforming abortion legislation.

IOM Constabulary posted on their Facebook page thanking the public for their help in keeping protests peaceful and protecting the human rights of all.

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