Barry Bennell trial: Witness says he was abused at Crewe

An alleged victim of Barry Bennell has told a court he was abused by the former football coach in the changing rooms of Crewe Alexandra after a talk given by Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall.

The complainant told Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday he had been sexually assaulted by the 64-year-old up to 100 times including at the coach's home, at Butlins in Pwllheli and at a video shop Bennell owned.

Asked if the abuse had happened anywhere else, he said:

He said he thought he and Bennell had been in the changing rooms on their own after the talk, which was given to youngsters in a room at the ground.

He also described being abused at Bennell's video shop, which was opposite Crewe's Gresty Road ground.

The complainant told the court the second time he was abused by Bennell was on a trip to Butlins.

The court heard a transcript of a police interview with Bennell in which he said boys who were playing for Crewe would stay over with him or with the club's manager Dario Gradi.

He said the plan was "to save money and to make sure the kids weren't in a strange bed and breakfast".

Bennell said his relationship with Mr Gradi was "fantastic" but he said the manager "didn't know anything" about Bennell abusing boys.

He said: "He loves kids but he wouldn't cross that line."

Earlier on Tuesday the court heard from former youth footballer Martin Clarke who said he had interrupted Bennell abusing another youngster when he returned to the ground after forgetting his football boots following a game.

He said:

Mr Clarke said the young boy ran out of the changing room and Bennell then told him:

The witness said that from then on Bennell had a "psychological hold" over him.

Bennell denies 48 child sexual abuse offences against 11 complainants between 1979 and 1990.

He pleaded guilty to seven offences of indecent assault before the trial began and the jury has heard he has previously been convicted for similar offences.