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Meet the man who built a steam-powered Land Rover

A pensioner from Oldham has created a one of a kind vehicle - after replacing the petrol engine in his Land Rover Defender by one powered by steam.

'Mildred', as she's been named, is now a well known figure on the country lanes around her home in Oldham.

Frank Rothwell named the car Mildred because of her mildew! Credit: ITV News

The brains behind her creation, Frank Rothwell, now uses the car for his daily commute.

I'm always looking for challenges, something that hasn't been done before. And there's not many things that have not been done before!

– Frank Rothwell
At least you won't ever get done for speeding... Credit: ITV News

The custom-built motor works like a traditional steam train, and the car can reach speeds of 15 miles an hour.