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Sir Ken Dodd praises hospital staff as he continues treatment for chest infection

Photo: Liverpool Echo/Colin Lane

Sir Ken Dodd has spoken from his hospital bed of his gratitude for the care he has been receiving for a severe chest infection.

The much-loved entertainer, who celebrated his 90th birthday in November, has been in the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital for the last fortnight.

Doddy invited the Liverpool Echo and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Malcolm Kennedy to spend time at his bedside.

He told the Lord Mayor he wanted to put on a big show for his charities in April or May – and stressed: “I WILL be there! I SHALL return!”

Credit: Liverpool Echo/Colin Lane

"The first and most important thing I want to say is ‘Thank you’. I want to thank everyone for being so wonderfully kind and caring.

“The NHS is marvellous. The nurses here are absolutely wonderful and the doctors are excellent. Everyone has been very, very kind to me.

"But I also want to say there are lots of other people apart from me being cared for in this way. The medical attention is superb and the staff do their very best for everybody – it all makes me cry with gratitude.”

– Sir Ken Dodd

Ken was at his most emotional and tearful as he thanked those who have sent him cards including the children of Knotty Ash Primary School who made him a giant "Get Well" card.

Credit: Liverpool Echo/Colin Lane

“The whole of Merseyside and the North West has been so kind and their affection and love has been much appreciated, believe me.

"They have been there for me and I am looking forward to being there for them.”

– Sir Ken Dodd

Regarding his recovery, he said: “I feel, with the care I am getting, I am making definite progress.”

But asked when he may be able to return to his beloved home, just down the road in Knotty Ash, and, of course, to his beloved stage, he added: “It’s going to be a while yet. There’s a lot of work to be done.”